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Spirit Artist Reading

Rita started drawing faces as a young child, although she did not know whom these faces belonged. Her ambition was to become a fine artist and that was all. Persuaded to take a psychic development class she started to see and draw people who had passed to spirit. Spirit guides, working with Rita's artistic talent, allow her to draw a portrait of a spirit guide or spirit loved-one that is around you.  Her gifts will also allow the spirit communicator to make known the message they have come to give. Portraits are available in black and white or in color.

What to Expect: People request Spirit Art for all different reasons. Rita will ask you if you are looking for a specific loved one or are you totally open.  You may also request a Spirit Guide. Sometimes they can be matched to a photograph and sometimes there is a close likeness. Remember it is to prove the continuity of life.

Spirit Communication Reading

As a clairvoyant, Rita can see and communicate with those on the higher side of life.  For those who have lost a loved one and are trying to communicate with them, Rita will use her gifts to attempt to connect with a particular loved one or she will talk with whoever is around you. Bring a photo or a piece of jewelry to strengthen the link if necessary.

What to Expect: Depending on your needs Rita will connect with loved-ones who have passed, give a description of personal attributes and messages.  There may be one communicator or many.  Remember this is a connection between you, the communicator and the medium.

Life Reading

Collaborating between your guides and hers, Rita will use the tarot to format a reading about your past, present and future life. These readings have a psychological orientation.  She will inform you of how life's speed bumps might be getting in your way and how to avoid or get around them.  She allots time for connecting with spirit loved ones or questions about people and situations in your life.

​​​What to Expect: Help in understanding a life direction and information on how you might possibly achieve that.

Spiritual Counseling-Reshape Your Thoughts to Reclaim Your Life

Rita has a Master of Science in Psychological Counseling and will create individual counseling sessions to help heal your life.

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