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Spirit Guide Drawings

Frequently Spirit Guides will come through in a reading.  These are spirits who have crossed to the other side and for one reason or another, have chosen to work to help us in our journey.  Sometimes they are from another time and we have no known connection to them, other times there may be past life connection.  If you are working with guides on your spiritual journey, it is a plus when you have the face and name of the guide you are working with on the other side.

Ken Barkin works beautifully with Moses.  This is how Moses showed himself during a reading with Ken.

Working with Rita was pure joy.  She is wonderful and talented.  She shares her gifts so beautifully and I loved hearing her insights that came through our reading as she was drawing one of my guides.  The guide she drew was one called MIchael.

Here is what Michael wants to share: I am Michael. I come from the higher realms of light.  I chose this form to come through with to help Ken identify with me more.  We have worked together for many existences and now I am here with him to bridge the realms to help humanity for the changes to come.  For those who connect with my image know that you each have your own groups to work with.  That will always be the most powerful way for you to manifest in your own lives.  Utilize your own teams of guides and guardians with love and gratitude and you will always see miracles in your lives.  

Ken's  Throne Angel, Michael​

Nick Spring's guide, an aspect of the Wizard Merlin called Ramik.

Nick Spring's second guide, Budhist Monk Penzo.

Spirit Guide " I Am that I Am" of Ken Barkin's: I take this form to give a stronger connection with the one i guide.  He and i have had a strong bond for eternity.  I reside on the Council of Light and bridge all that is to help it come together for your great time of great change on the earth.  Blessings, you may call me Chesed but that is only a form of a name.  My charge was given another name to call me.  The label is unimportant.  The love that comes through is what is most important.

Archibald Douglas in Spirit around the time of his Regency 1332- 1333

Egyptian guide drawn for Deborah Richmond Foulkes was quite familiar to her.  She recognized him with warmth and enthusiasm.  Re. Foulkes is the author of "My Truth Lies In Ruins". 

Guillelmo Duglas Scotti Piacenza 805 AD

Neal Ryder is a gifted radiant healer.  When I did the spirit drawing for Neal, my hand revealed a wise spirit teacher with amazing warmth and energy, who stands with Neal and guides him in his healing work.

The white monk was drawn for Sheree Henry.  Upon seeing him, she said, she always saw this man in her meditation but always assumed it was her Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings influence.  Upon hearing this he said to her,"you always see, but do not always trust my child."  She continues to work with him in her healing practice.

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