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"Sometimes when we are considering an appointment with a medium, we are pressed with uncertainty about moving forward. Perhaps it is the angst of not really believing that such proof actually exists that our loved ones are still with us, but only living in another dimension, or just the fear of the unknown.  It is for this reason that i have included a handful of testimonials, from all that I receive each
year.  I hope they help you feel more comfortable about your decision."

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the feeling of my Dad's presence is more latent. I am thrilled with joy knowing my Dad has indeed been listening to me and to the conversations I normally have (supposedly alone) with him.  Thanks so much, Rita!  There is no words to describe how grateful I am to you for giving my  dad a voice on the earth plane. Rita, you are truly God sent."
Thanks, Lorena
Dear Rita,
    A number of weeks ago you did a portrait of my mother who had died when I was about two years old.  If you remember, I told you I never had any photographs of her, nor did I have any specific memories that I could count on.  So when your portrait came in the mail I did not know what to expect.  I had no way to know if it were accurate.  As I unraveled the paper and beheld the image you created I was struck my certain similarities to myself.  My friends too have remarked at the likeness.   And since this was done over the phone and you had no idea what I looked like, I began to feel the truth of your rendering and of your gift.
     I have framed the drawing and it is hung opposite me in my office. I get to see her everyday and can sense her guiding presence.   I am very grateful to you and your ability to bring our worlds closer together.  Many thanks and well wishes.
Judith Garten
Hi Rita!
You are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your spiritual gifts. I saw Dave on your website and I’m so excited about it! I hope this can help people who are grieving and it is also such a great way to honor Dave. I think he came thru to you from spirit for a reason. You also have a big and generous heart much like Dave. And exceptionally talented as well. My life has been blesses.
God Bless you, Rita!
Talk later, Nancy
Hi Rita, 
I just wanted to thank you for helping my husband and I through a very difficult time when my daughter died in February last year.  You told me that I will have another son this year.  You were correct our son will be born in April this year.
You are definitely the real deal and I would like to send a donation to your organization.
Best regards, 

Hi Rita,

My sister received a picture of my mom today from an old friend, one we had never seen. I smiled deeply when I saw it.

I've been meaning to write for some time. Our time together was worth more to me than I can ever express. Not a day goes by that I don't find myself reflecting on what was said.  It has changed my life and the ways I perceive the world.  I am more in the moment, love more openly, widely and deeply. I am more accepting of what is, and have tried to comfort others with what I have come to understand. I cannot thank you enough for the gift You have given me.

Wishing you love and all the best,


Hello Rita, 

I just had to write and tell you this.  During my reading with you on November 11th of this year, you asked me if I have sen a hawk, that my daughter has sent me a hawk as a sign. I responded to you no.  You told me to remember it.  Well last week we took a Christmas grave pillow to her grave.  As we left the cemetery and turned on to the main street a hawk flew over our car then turned and flew along side our car.  He was lower in the sky and I could make out his beautiful face and beak.  I knew it was from Dawn to us because of my recent reading from you.  You brought me and my family so much comfort Rita.  The reading was spot on and the drawing was beautiful and from it I now know that she is whole and healthy again  Thank you again Rita. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Love, Mary Lou Stripling



I had an amazing reading with Rita over the phone last week. I received my picture and couldn't believe how much it looked like my mom and my nephew whom looks like my mom... I think my family didn't know what to think because they wanted to disprove it so much but the drawing was pretty clear!

I would love to have another session with Rita, but this one for me.. a life reading Is that something she still does and can you let me know what to expect? Thank you so much and please tell her she brought me so much comfort. I really got off the phone thinking my parents are "busy" living their new life and I should get a move on with mine as well!

God Bless, Colleen Rielly


It was on the evening of October 3rd, 2009, during our event "Messages and Mediums" with Best Psychic Mediums Joanne Gerber, Rita Berkowitz and janet Nohavec at The journey Withn Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, that I received an amazingly accurate message and spirit drawing of my father who passed in JUne of 2008, by Spirit Artist Rita Berkowitz.

Demonstrating as a medium alongside with colleagus for nearly ten years, I can barely count on one hand, the number of message that I have received by a colleague medium during a demonstration in which I was a participant.  Of course as mediums, we offer demonstrations to bring through messages from loved ones passed, with the intention to reach as many as possible audience members.  However, we also know that when spirit wants to communicate a message, they certainly find a way to do so.

As Rita closed her eyes pencil in hand, she began to describe the physical description of an older gentleman passed, I could feel the energy of my father's presence.  She continued bringing forth details, and simultaneously, began to draw his portrait.  While sitting upon the platform, "downloading" messages from spirit for my turn next to give messages, I looked over at Rita , and saw that she was drawing a completely accurate depiction of of my father's personality, habits, and medical issues, validating without a doubt, that he was coming forth from the spirit side of life, to give me a message.

Although there were few other audience members who raised their hands to try to claim this spirit communication, that did not stop Rita. Rita began revealing even more details pertaining to the communicator, working dutifully and respectfully, in an awareness of the importance of placing the spirit communicator with the correct recipient here on the physical.  I could relate and identify every single piece of information verbalized by Rita, and the most amazing of all, was looking at the accurately descriptive visual portrait of my beloved father unfold right before my eyes.

To truly honor and appreciate the gift of her spirit artistry, one would need to have their own personal experience through a session with Rita.  Your life will be touched forever.

With Love, 

Joanne Gerber

Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher



Thank you so much for assisting me through the grief of my son.  Your reading was comforting and my son came through for you and the drawing was so uncanny.  You captured his essence and to that I am very thankful.  I am going to frame it and keep it in my bedroom.  Thank you once again... May the New Year bring you health and prosperity!  God speed.

Shannon David

Selkirk, Manitoba Canada


Hi Rita,

I know that about the time we finished our last session, you had mentioned that you thought I might be very pleased with the way the portrait of Sarh had come out.  So I really expected something nice, but I had no way to prepare for the rolled paper I  pulled from the tube you sent me earlier this week!

After holding the portrait open, I honestly had no words.  It's simply one of the most beautiful portraits I've ever seen.  Not only that but I've also never seen a psychic portrait this stunning either.  And I looked at hundreds of them before deciding to contact you for the first time.  i'm glad we're about to start a new year now, because to say that I'm pleased is the understatement of 2009!!

First of all, I did not expect you to capture not only the beauty of Sarah in her physical form so perfectly, but with the addition of the aura she radiated, the combination of the two was just other worldly. Divine. Angelic. Stunning. Shall I go on?

Thanks so much Rita for this.  Now my only challenge is finding a frame worthy of holding this portrait! Have a wonderful New Year!

All the Best,



Hi Rita, 

I did a phone reading with you on 12/4 and just got my picture and cd.

When I looked at the picture - I instantly recognized a eerily strong resemblance to my Mother (male picture - Mom still alive).  I brought it over to her house to show her and she said "My God, that is my brother Jim".  I played your cd for her and you described his personality and passing perfectly.  He died in his mid 70's.  He was a quiet, gentle man and he was also very giving of his time and anything he had.   He worked as a police officer and did a lot for the small community that he lived in and for his family.  He had cancer that reoccurred in his Lungs and did ultimately need to be ventilated prior to his passing.  He was also someone who would congratulate me for cleaning house - the cleaning I did was for my Mother's (his sister) benefit - I am her caregiver and watch out for her on every level. Also, you told me an aunt like figure came thru and you described Jim's wife Kay perfectly.  Efficiency expert, petite blond, immaculate
and she did do bookkeeping part time for both Jim and the local post office.  When Jim was dying he did not want anyone upset and did not want to talk about it - Kay wrote ever family member and friend explaining the situation so that they would not feel
left out.  She was extremely sweet and always taking care of business.

I never had the pleasure to meet either of them (they lived in Nevada) - it is funny how they know me posthumously (lol).

Lastly,  the old fashioned M name and friend was really an N name - Nancy.  Nancy was a former boss of mine and a woman who could do anything.  She ran marathons,  started a company that went public and an overall "cool broad".  She was a very strong mentor for me even after we no longer worked together and she died way too young at 41.  She was not feeling well for a while and then suddenly discovered that she had a rare (incurable) form of Leukemia.  She died within three weeks of learning her diagnosis. She was tall, and had dark blond hair.  You said she wanted me to get out there and socialize - she was always pushing me to enjoy life, achieve goals, etc..  She was like the big sister that everyone should have.

What a treat!!!  You made both mine and my Mother's day. 

Thank you so much.  Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season!

Fondly,  Sarah



Good evening, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the session and the drawing. When the tube arrived I was cautiosly anxious to enroll the picture. As I scrolled open the picture I saw first the eyes. My mother's eyes. As I continued to open it I saw my mother, her mother and my grandmother's mother. It was a blessing I could not have prepared myself for. The session was an amazing confirmation of the reality i feel daily knowing my mother lives on.  
Thank you again.  I will be contacting your assistant to schedule a session for my 20 year old daughter.
Teresa Baca Padilla



I wanted to thank you so much Rita for your reading and spirit drawing! When I received it in the mail I was blown away! You have an amazing gift from above that allows you to help heal the living on the physical world!!  I am so much more at ease and peace now.
I will be seeing you again soon!!
Melinda DeAgular



Dearest Rita,
I just had to write and teell you about a reading I had with you. 8 years ago, my children gave me a Christmas gift which was a reading with you.  They did that because I was having a hard time dealing with a friends passing. The day of the reading, I was skeptical and scared so when you asked me who I wanted to reach, I just said whoever comes through but I really wanted to hear my mom and my friend. Right off the bat mom came through. There were a few things I just wasn't getting so you told me to hang on to them and maybe I willl finally get it.  Then you asked me if there was someone else and I answered my friend. You told me that this person had problems breathing and that she understood why I couldn't be there all the time for her. I just broke down at that point. My friend was one of my patients. We grew close. She died of ALS, as you know these patients die suffocating. I had promised her I would be there to help her cross over but her family had her transferred to another hospital and she died that night. I felt like I had abandoned her. After the reading I felt that she really did understand. The real reason I am writing is that last week, I just had this rushing feeling to relisten to the tape and hear everything in that reading. Yesterday I relistened to it and FINALLY understood everything you told me. It made my day because I kept asking my mom for a sign for the past couple of months and she never seemed to answer but when I listen to the the tape, II finally realized that she was listening. So thank you so very much Rita, this was sooooo important to me.
Thanks again.
Doreen Tremblay
Oh my goodness. Thank you for telling me. It is never too late.
Rita Strauss Berkowitz
I wonder if you REALLY realize the good you bring to people. You bring peace in our lives and teachings. Since the day, I had that reading, I've grown in a spiritual way, I now help patients to cross over peacefully and support their families.  You have such a domino effect on us, for example: I have been a nurse for 26 years and now work in a nursing home.  I have this patient who suffers with Alzheimers disease. She is in the last stage of the disease. For the past 4 years, her daughter was very nasty, sad, out of control person.  Nothing we say would help her calm down, then one night, one of my residents was dying and was alone with no family around. Out of the blue, I went to get the nasty daughter and made her sit with this man dying and showed her the signs of a presence in the room.  I asked her to stay with this man and help him cross over because he was alone.  She actually stayed with him, talked to him, encouraging him to go towards the light. This man became so calm and peaceful. He died not long after she left. Since that day, this daughter has become so calm, so serene.  She has a smile on her face now and seems to be at peace more with her mom's disease.  Last night, I had another patient getting ready to cross over and I asked her again to go and talk with the family which she did and brought peace to this family.  It was so beautiful to watch.  So you see, this is what I mean when I say you have a domino effect on people.  When we had our second reading with you for my nephew that was murdered, you asked us to give his message to his family which was done.  They were so happy to hear this.  My daughter copied your cd and gave a copy to his wife, his mom.  Please know Rita that you are a very special person that God sent to us. Many thanks for what you do. One day, I would love to have another reading with you. Thank you again.
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